Tudor Totolici

I am a passionate creator, a problem solver, and a lifelong learner, a strategic thinker who can see the big picture and develop comprehensive plans to achieve objectives.


+ 18 years

Digital marketing

Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Web Analytics …
+ 8 years

Customer success management

Onboarding, Support, Retention ...
+ 12 years

UI / UX & Fron-end Development

Wireframing, Prototyping, HTML, CSS ...


Behavioral economics

Consumer behavior, Decision making, Rational choice theory ...

Growth hacking

Lead generation, A/B Testing, Aquisition cost ...



websites launched

I helped companies of all sizes, from different industries, to сreate, redesign and improve their websites to increase traffic, conversions and sales.



years working on SaaS

I have worked on a number of SaaS products for both start-ups and publicly traded companies.



people managed

I have xperience in managing different size teams, all across the organization, raging from marketing, to onbaording and customer support.



years learning AI

I went trough hundreds of online courses, books, and tutorials to really understand the concepts and principles involved. And I'm still learning :)